Nokia Lumia 800, the $899 Entertainment Bundle, now available with Amazon

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It was not all that long back when we saw the Microsoft Store begin to offer the Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone as part of an $899 Entertainment Bundle. And well, while the availability of Microsoft Stores is somewhat limited — it looks like we may have some good news for anyone that had been hoping to spend some money. That same pack, complete with the $899 price tag has since come available with Amazon.

The item is listed as the Nokia Lumia 800 Entertainment Bundle and it is available in either Black or Magenta. And nicely done, they are Prime eligible. That aside though, those spending the nearly $900 can expect to find the Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone along with accessories to include a Monster Purity HD headset, Nokia Play 360 portable wireless speaker and a Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset.

Via [Amazon]

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