Major internet providers found a way to scare off pirates

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The way to effectively fight content piracy tends to differ depending on who you’re talking to. Consumers say content providers need to make finding and purchasing content easier and more affordable to stop piracy. The content holders tend to try more strong-armed approaches such as SOPA. The public made it clear it wasn’t going to tolerate SOPA, so the big companies are going to try a different approach to discourage piracy. Instead of threatening to throw people under the jail for downloading an illegal copy of Inception, major ISPs such as Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon and Cablevision are going to try out a “graduated response” system.

According to CNET, the graduated response method involves the cable companies letting offenders know it’s on to them. Starting on July 12, most of the ISPs will start sending emails to pirates informing them of their illegal activities. After a few warnings, ISPs can choose to slow down the pirate’s connection speeds or suspend their service until the individual promises to stop illegally downloading content.

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