Relax, you’ll still be able to dislike videos on YouTube

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Earlier today, it was reported that Google may be considering getting rid of the thumbs up, thumbs down options that currently reside under YouTube videos. Some users saw a Google+ “Like” button in its place. What does this all mean? Apparently nothing. It was just an experiment.The Next Web received confirmation from YouTube that it will not replace the way people judge videos. Google is always experimenting with something, and some projects and features never make it to the big time. For now, YouTube is safe.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Google did end up doing something like this. After all, Google+ is being integrated in virtually every Google service. The introduction of a permanent Google+ Like button would basically force users to share on Google+ whenever they wanted to express approval for a video outside of commenting.

On the plus side, we would no longer have people mindlessly disliking a video for no reason at all.

Via [The Next Web]

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