Evernote iOS app updated, now ready for the Retina display of new iPad

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Evernote app for iOS has just been updated, bringing the app’s version to 4.1.9. The update not only brought some new features but more importantly, the app is now ready for the Retina display of the new iPad. According to the Evernote blog, every aspect of Evernote now looks sharper, crisper and more vibrant. The folks at Evernote have been upgrading all their graphics and interfaces to look more beautiful on the new iPad. The only left now is to wait for the arrival of the iPad to test how the app will work and display on the new iPad’s display screen. Aside from being optimized for the new iPad, Evernote app also now have better checkboxes and text editing. The app’s note editor is now more responsive and realiable than in the past especially for the iPad version. For both iPhone and iPad models, a new feature for suggesting note titles was introduced. When you type in a title for a note that you are creating, the app will show a matching lists of previously used title. This suits you well especially if you reuse note titles often. Finally, the app’s sync errors as well as other stability issues were also addressed by the update.

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