Newest Nexus tablet rumor places the device under $200

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This year has seen its fair share of supposed Nexus tablet rumors. One rumor that has been consistent deals with the device’s price. Different sources from supply chains told certain news outlets Google is taking the budget route with this new tablet. The low cost is also the main reason why HTC allegedly didn’t want to take on the task of producing the tablet. As we wait patiently for an official reveal, Android and Me has reason to believe the Nexus tablet will cost somewhere between $149 to $199.

Android and Me’s “senior” supply chain source said the price of the tablet was cut because its quad-core chip was taken out. As a result, the final price was able to be reduced to a much more manageable number.

It was also reported earlier that Asus has been picked to create the Nexus tablet.

It’s also rumored Asus stopped working on the MeMo 370T (or possibly just re-branded it) to take on the Nexus project.

This price seems too good to be true. For the sake of potential Android tablet buyers everywhere, let’s hope the Nexus tablet will deliver excellent performance for a price much less than competitors.

Via [Android and Me]

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