Digiboo movie rental service utilizes USB drives for airport travelers

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Digiboo is approaching the movie rental business a bit differently. Instead of popping out discs, Digiboo downloads movies onto a customer’s USB drive. Digiboo recently launched at three airports in Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle. Travelers are more likely to realize they forgot to bring something to entertain them before and during flying, so airports are a good place to find some impulse buyers.

Digiboo has over 700 movies to choose from. A customer just needs to select the movie they want, insert their USB drive into the kiosk, pay with a credit card and begin the registration process to view the movie. Digiboo requires a PC (not Mac support at this time) to be registered online before the movie will play. Digiboo will have a pre-registration form available on its website soon.

Up to five devices can play purchased movies, but only one device will play a rented movie. It costs $3.99 to rent a movie in standard definition for 48 hours and $14.99 to buy the movie.

As of now, Digiboo only works on PCs. Support for Android is coming in June.

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  • Ilse Koch

    I really wonder what the difference is between these services. Is there one at all? Redbox is already there, so do I need Digiboo? If you are interested in film and filmmaking try this free new community: It has lots of great resources about screenwriting and filmmmakers, thanks, Ilse