Apple has sold 3 million new iPads since launch, as AT&T post record-breaking activation

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And so the inevitable happened. As of today, the new iPad is so far the hottest-selling among the iPads released by Apple it was announced that 3 million units have been sold during its first weekend sales. History will tell us that the original iPad managed to get only around 300,000 units sold during its first weekend sale. As for the iPad 2, the figures are not readily available. And besides, back then Apple experienced a shortage of supply so it was not established as to how many units had been sold of the iPad 2. In that case, it’s safe to declare then the new iPad is the hottest-selling iPads to date. Comparing this with the iPhone 4S released last year, the new iPad was not able to beat its sales though. Apple managed to ship out 4 million units of the iPhone 4S during its weekend sales. But that’s pretty understandable since the iPhone 4S is marketed cheaper than the new iPad. And the iPhone 4S was also readily available during the first weekend since its launch. Meanwhile, AT&T has also announced that its record-breaking new iPad activation on a single day. However, AT&T will not give out the exact number. So, did you get one or two of the three million units of new iPad sold by Apple during the last weekend?

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