Skitch for Mac updated with sharing via Evernote

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When Skitch for Mac was launched, those who’ve used the app who’ve also used the iPhone or Android versions have been longing for one great feature – social sharing. Today, the Evernote team has granted that longing, updated the Skitch for Mac app and made sharing of sketches, screenshots, photos, maps and mockups possible through Evernote. This means that once you’ve shared your Skitch images to Evernote, you will now be able to access it using your Mac, Android phone or iPhone. To set this up entails simple two steps – click on the new Evernote elephant icon along the top of the app and then go to Settings and select Evernote from the sharing options. Aside from this new feature, Evernote has also simplified and cleaned up – making it clutter-free. For those who have sharing images through other means via, the update simply adds Evernote as additional sharing option. Evernote though notes that in the future, Evernote sharing will be the major way to share Skitch images.

Via [Evernote Blog]

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