Samsung posts Galaxy Note image showing a TouchWiz-free Ice Cream Sandwich

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Aside from the fact that we can write something along the lines of “a TouchWiz-free Ice Cream Sandwich” and have it make sense — it looks like Samsung is doing a bit of teasing. You see, Samsung is having a Galaxy Note contest over on Facebook and as an image, they are showing what the Galaxy Note may look like with an almost stock Android 4.0 installation. Of course, while we are expecting the Galaxy Note to get an update to ICS, we also do not expect it to arrive as Samsung is showing. Still, even if for just one brief moment, we could pretend and hope. Otherwise, if you want to try and win a Galaxy Note, while at the same time probably annoy your Facebook friends with some contest related wall postings — follow the via link below and get to clicking.

Via [Samsung on Facebook]

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