Republic Wireless resumes open beta this Summer

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Republic Wireless came onto the scene late last year with the intention of luring customers away from traditional mobile carriers. Republic Wireless uses Hybrid Calling which lets its users make phone calls while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Republic Wireless also piggybacks off Sprint’s network whenever a Wi-Fi connection isn’t available. Best of all, the service only costs $19 a month after purchasing the smartphone (LG Optimus). Today, Republic Wireless detailed its future plans which includes new phones and new incentives.

Starting this June, Republic Wireless will re-open its limited beta program. In May, Republic Wireless will update its network to optimize the transition between Wi-Fi and cellular connections. We’ll find out which new phones Republic Wireless will offer to new customers in April. Republic Wireless also has plans to provide potential customers with a way to save money on their current phone bill next month.

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