Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.0 update postponed until Q2, more features in the works

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For those of us who are expecting Samsung to push the Galaxy Note to Android 4.0 ICS, sorry to break the news for you, folks. Our hopes of finally getting a taste of Android 4.0 on our Galaxy Note has just been shattered. The good news is that it’s only momentarily as Samsung announced that the update will happen in Q2 2012 instead. Another bit of good news is that Samsung is working on some exclusive apps that will use the Note’s power. And this is by way of offering a Premium Suite with extra multimedia features and apps optimized for the Galaxy Note S Pen. One of these apps is S Note which lets you combine notes or sketches with other digital content. It also includes Shape Match and Formula Match apps that help correct and digitize geometric shapes as well as solve numeric formulas – drawn using the S Pen. Said Premium Suite also includes My Store which is another S pen optimized app that lets you crete personalized digitized cards using various contents such as notes, videos, photos, text or voice files. Let’s not forget the many features of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which will come with the update as well. Finally, Samsung also announced the availability of an exclusive Galaxy Note level in the upcoming Angry Birds Space game. Now, that’s more exciting, right?

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