Angry Birds Space is NOT coming to Windows Phone, despite already having Angry Birds as the top Marketplace app

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Angry Birds Space came available yesterday, as we had expected, and while the game was released for a wide variety of platforms — there was at least one that is missing. And on top of that, according to details coming from a recent report over on Bloomberg, it will remain missing. That missing platform is Windows Phone and at this time, “Rovio has no plans to release” Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone. That being said, we are certain that there will be some disappointed users here but what it comes down to — Rovio is not offering Angry Birds Space for Windows Phone because they have to “consider the cost of supplying the smaller platforms.” And the real take out here, this is coming from a developer that currently has the number one app for Windows Phone with the regular version of Angry Birds — an app that is selling for $2.99. Simply put, we have to question Windows Phone app sales when a company with a number one app is questioning things.

Via [Bloomberg]

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