Path is coming to Windows Phone

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We recently mentioned how the Windows Phone Marketplace reached the 70,000 available app mark, and well, while we only expect that number to grow — it looks like a slightly more welcomed app may be arriving soon. That app is Path, which many will be familiar with due to the already available iOS and Android apps.

Anyway, for those not as familiar, Path is a social networking app, however it is one that places a limit on the amount of friends you can have. In fact, at the present time the Path app limits you to having 150 friends. Simply put, it is a bit more of a personal social network. That bit aside, the Path app also allows you to share out to other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

In terms of when Path for Windows Phone will be available — sadly, no mention of a timeline just yet. And lastly, it was also noted that there are more than 2 million Path users worldwide and that there are not any plans to develop for BlackBerry and that iOS currently makes up about 80 percent of their user base.

Via [pandodaily] and [WMPoweruser]

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