Sony Chromebook revealed by way of FCC filing

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Well, look at what we have here — a Sony Vaio branded Chromebook. The details have yet to be officially announced and at this time are coming by way of an FCC filing. The notebook is showing as the Sony Vaio CC111 and from the looks of things, will be available in both black and white. The notebook will come sporting an 11.6 inch display and other goodies to include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Bluetooth, HDMI, two USB 2.0 ports, microphone in, headphone out and an SD card slot. As we have come to see on the Chromebook, the keyboard is the familiar chiclet style and has the “search” key as opposed to the “caps lock” key. And lastly, while these details were not revealed from the FCC filing, based on previous model Chromebooks we suspect that the Sony model would also come sporting a 16GB SSD and 2GB of RAM.

Via [FCC] and [Laptop Reviews]

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