T-Mobile expected to raise the price of the 5GB and 10GB data plans on April 4th

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Judging from this recently leaked T-Mobile screen capture, it looks like the carrier will soon be increasing the price of data. More specifically, the Premium – 5GB and the Ultra – 10GB Promotional Bundles are going to see a price increase come April 4th. According to the details provided in the screen capture, both of those promotional bundles will be replaced with new plans — each costing an additional $5 per month. Otherwise, other details coming from the folks at TmoNews suggest that this is not all that bad. For example, those who signed up prior to April 4th will be able to keep the current rates for those plans. In addition, it was noted that T-Mobile is doing this price change to “better align” the Classic and Value plan pricing and that customers “can continue to save at least $15 per month with T-Mobile’s Unlimited-Premium Classic feature compared to similar features offered by competing national wireless carriers.” Simply put, T-Mobile still appears to have lower priced plans.

Via [TmoNews]

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