Kobo Books currently offering the Hunger Games trilogy for just $3

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If you happen to find yourself swept up by the recent Hunger Games hype and have been considering reading the book — or the trilogy of books, you may want to check out this recent offer from Kobo Books. For a limited time, you will be able to purchase, download and read all three titles for just $3.06. Of course, as these are coming from Kobo, you will need to either have a Kobo reader or have the Kobo app installed on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Otherwise, the breakdown of the books come as follows;

1. Buy The Hunger Games for $0.83 coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL
2. Buy Catching Fire for $1.16 coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL2
3. Buy Mockingjay for $1.07 coupon code HUNGERGAMESDEAL3

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