All 7 Harry Potter books are now available in digital format from Pottermore

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All you Harry Potter fans have a reason to celebrate right now as just made all seven books of the Harry Potter series available in digital formats. All seven volumes are available for download invidually for $9.99 or as a set which will cost you $57.54. The series will only be available from, well at least for now. All volumes are available in ereader-friendly format which means you can use various devices including your computer. However, partnered with four major ebook service dealers to link your Pottermore account with as you download the ebooks. These dealers are – Sony Reader (US and Canada) online account, Amazon Kindle (for several countries), Barnes & Noble Nook (for US and Canada), and Google Play (US and Canada). If you just want to have a copy of the books, you can still purchase it from the site using a valid credit card and read it using various digital book readers. And since it supports Amazon Kindle, you can use the Kindle app to read the series on your iPhone, iPad or Android tablet and smartphones. The series is also available in digital audio format.

So, who’s getting the complete Harry Potter collection in digital format?

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