Google Drive, a cloud-based storage service, is rumored to launch in early April

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According to a recent report by GigaOM, who is citing “sources” likely familiar with Google’s plans, Google Drive will launch in the first week of April.  For quite some time now, Google has been rumored multiple times to launch a competitor to Dropbox (and other services) known as Google Drive.  However, if GigaOM’s report turns out to be true, then we should see an announcement of Google Drive during the first week of April, which begins in just a few days.

Each Google Drive account will feature 1GB of storage space, while Dropbox gives each user 2GB of data and allows for storage expansion by referrals.  At this time, we do not know the full details and circumstances involving Google Drive, but I personally hope each user can at least start with 2GB of data.

Lastly, Google will likely allow customers to purchase additional storage space should they need it.  It will be strongly integrated with all other Google Apps and devices such as Android smartphones and tablets.  Hopefully, we will hear an official announcement from Google within the next several days.

Via [GigaOM]

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