Evernote for Android updated; brings speech-to-text, widget enhancements and more

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The Android Evernote has recently gotten some updates and it looks like this is one that those who are into widgets will appreciate. In addition, the app is now also sporting support for speech-to-text. Beginning first with the improvements to the Evernote widgets, this now comes as a separate app from the main Evernote for Android app. The app is dubbed Evernote Widget and can be found in Google Play by clicking this link.

The Evernote Widget app will run on Android 1.6 or later, is free of charge and currently sitting at version 2.0. Simply put, Evernote Widget will allow you to do just what one would expect — set your Evernote widgets. According to the details provided, using this app will give either a small or large widget.

  • Small widget: Create new text, snapshot and audio notes, and jump to the search screen.
  • Large widget: Same as the small widget, plus snippets of recently viewed notes.

Otherwise, the Evernote widgets can also be customized for things such as color, buttons, which notebooks or tags appear and include quick snapshot functionalities. And lastly on the Evernote Widget app, in order to use this you will need the latest version of the regular Evernote app installed, which happens to be version 3.6.

Next up, the update for the regular Evernote app. This update brings speech-to-text, which works by way of Google Android’s text transcription. Bottom line here, tap the speech-to-text icon and get to talking. A few items worth noting on the speech-to-text, this one works only with Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich and you will need an active net connection.

Lastly, there was also the mention of “lots of under-the-hood bug fixes and stability improvements” as well as a promise of more “great new features coming soon.”

Via [Evernote Blog]

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