Netflix makes DVD and streaming content searches separate

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Netflix has once again implemented a change that has made some of its customers angry. Netflix is now preventing streaming-only customers from searching for and rating DVDs and vice versa. I only have a streaming subscription with Netflix and can confirm my searches only contain results that are available for instant streaming.

I tried searching for The Adventures of Tintin, but didn’t get a search result containing the most recent film that Netflix offers on DVD. Clicking on the “Browse DVDs” tab from Netflix’s website takes me to a page that asks me to subscribe to the DVD service for $7.99 a month.

This change may not matter to some Netflix customers because they most likely won’t be searching for DVDs if they subscribe to that service in the first place. Or other cases, such as with Reddit user “myhandleonreddit”, this change prevents customers from rating as many movies as they want in return for similar viewing recommendations.

Via [Reddit] Read [VentureBeat]

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