T-Mobile teases ICS updates for the Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G

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On the same day Vodafone customers started to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Sensation, T-Mobile USA updated the support pages for the Sensation 4G and Amaze 4G with a confirmation that it will push out updates of its own.

That’s the good news. The bad news is T-Mobile gave no indication as to when the update process will begin. T-Mobile said it will update the support pages when it’s ready to push out the updates.

Sensation 4G owners were led to believe they would be rocking Android 4.0 by the end of March. I suppose there’s still time, but T-Mobile is cutting it awfully close.

Via [HTC Sensation 4G Support Page] Via [HTC Amaze 4G Support Page] Read [Android Police]

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