Sony offers up an ICS beta ROM for those using an unlocked Xperia Play smartphone

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Sony has offered up a little treat for those who happen to be rocking an unlocked Xperia Play smartphone — a beta ROM of Ice Cream Sandwich. Yup, if you happen to have an unlocked Xperia Play smartphone in hand, you can download and install Android 4.0 as of today. Of course, this is a beta ROM which means you may have some issues and things could potentially go wrong. Anyway, if you are still willing to move forward, Sony has a rather detailed walkthrough over on their official Developer World blog. And more to the point, given this is beta, Sony is looking towards you — the person willing to install, to get some feedback. For example, Sony is looking for answers to items to include what is your general impression, did the buttons work properly, did the touch pads work properly, were you experiencing any lagging and just in general — if anything is not working the way you would expect. Otherwise, Sony suggests that you should be an “advanced developer with extensive knowledge” and that you will need to be using an Xperia Play with the latest software release, which is 4.0.2.A.0.42.

Via [Sony Developer World]

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