SwiftKey 3 Beta doesn’t need a spacebar

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The SwiftKey keyboard has long been known as one of the best for Android. SwiftKey always managed to accurately predict the next word users would type once it was able to learn their basic typing habits from sources such as Twitter, Facebook, text messages and email. Today, a new version of SwiftKey was released to a limited number of users called SwiftKey 3 Beta.

SwiftKey 3 Beta further proves how eerily accurate it can be by making it possible to type full messages without ever using the space bar. This means you can type something like “hellohowareyoudoingtoday” and it will show up as “hello how are you doing today” after you end the sentence with a punctuation.

SwiftKey 3 Beta also lets you choose from popular punctuation by sliding your finger along the Smart Symbol on the left side of the keyboard.

In order to get the .apk for SwiftKey 3 Beta, you have to sign up for SwiftKey VIP. The download thread can be found in the forums.

Good luck signing up. SwiftKey VIP’s website is being hammered right now.

Via [SwiftKey VIP]

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