UK based Roku users now have 100 channels

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The Roku set-top boxes came available for those in the UK and Ireland back in January and at the time, users had 40 available channels to choose from. And well, it looks like the folks at Roku have some bragging to do. Hint, they have added quite a few new channels in the few months since the launch. In fact, according to the details provided, UK and Ireland based Roku users now have 100 available channels — and better yet, more have been promised to arrive in the next few months.

“Roku launched in the U.K. and Ireland with 40 channels of video, music and casual game content including Netflix, and since then has grown its entertainment selection to more than 100 channels including BBC iPlayer, and Euronews, with more expected over the coming months.”

And for those who may have been waiting for the channels to come before they made any commitment — you can choose between the Roku LT and the Roku 2 XS which are available for £49.99 and £99.99 respectively.

The Roku LT brings built-in Wi-Fi and supports streaming video at up to 720p. The Roku 2 XS brings Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity along with Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, USB port and is able to play 1080p HD video. Additionally, the Roku 2 XS ships with the motion-controlled remote which allows the user to play goodies such as Angry Birds.

Via [Engadget HD]

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