Rogers and Bell tipped to release the Samsung Galaxy Rugby smartphone

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Assuming these yet-to-be-confirmed details are accurate, then it looks like both Bell and Rogers will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Rugby smartphone. The release date is expected to come on April 11th (for both carriers). Otherwise, as far as Rogers goes, the Galaxy Rugby should come priced at $49.99 on a three-year agreement or $279.99 no-term. So far nothing in terms of where Bell may have the handset priced. Of course, we suspect it will be close to, if not the same as Rogers. As the price would imply — the specs for the Galaxy Rugby are low- to mid-range. The handset is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and sporting a 3.65 inch (480 x 320) touchscreen display and an 800MHz processor along with a VGA quality front facing camera and a 3.2 megapixel rear facing camera. And lastly, as far as the rugby in the name — the handset does come with some rugged-designed goodies to include a Corning Gorilla Glass display and a casing that is both water and rustproof.

Via [MobileSyrup]

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