Super Ball Escape HD (for the iPad) can now be downloaded for free

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If you are looking to spend some quality time doing nothing with your iPad this weekend, you may want to check out the Super Ball Escape HD game — which for this weekend only — will be available for free. The app has already dropped in price and will remain free through the end of this weekend. Super Ball Escape HD is available for the iPad and requires iOS 3.2 or later for use. The app is currently sitting at version 1.1 and comes as a 65.3MB file download (one that you will need to grab on a Wi-Fi connection). Otherwise, for those who have never heard of this game and are wondering what it is all about, here is the break down;

“Super Ball Escape HD is an action adventure game for iPad and iPad 2 that will challenge your balance and agility skills to the max. Take control of your robot ball and help him in his epic escape from the evil corporation that created him. Using precise tilt control from your device, roll your ball with skill and dexterity through many fun levels to escape to your freedom. 

The game has multiple mazes with many traps. Being spotted by patrol robots can be lethal! You will need to move with stealth precision to avoid being seen and you can choose to unlock any of seven upgrades to help you progress through the maze. Will you choose to infiltrate or use force to overcome enemies blocking your way?”

Via [iOS App Store]

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