Instagram Android app now supports tablets, Wi-Fi only devices

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It looks like there’s no turning back now for the Instagram developers. Right after the app hits Google Play for all Android device users to download, there has been a couple updates already released. The latest one being the third now plays well with Android tablets as well as Wi-Fi only devices. So, if you don’t mind taking photos using your Galaxy Tab 10.1, you may want to download the app now from Google Play. This goes true for owners of Wi-Fi only Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Player. Additionally, Instagram for Android now also allows you to save the app on your device’s SD card. Of course, the update also comes in with several small bug fixes and improvements including the audio mute bug during photo capture. With the growing popularity of Instagram for Android, expect the app to get more updates in the coming weeks. After all, the app has lot of catching up to do with its iOS counterpart. So, have you downloaded Instagram on your Android devices? How do you find the app so far?

Via [Google Play link]

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