Dream:ON iPhone app, an app to “influence your dreams”

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We are beginning to see more and more iPhone apps that deal with (or assist you with waking up from) sleeping. Of course, we had the MotionX: Sleep, of which one feature was the smart alarm. Then we came across Sleep Time, which is another smart alarm app. And well, it looks like another sleep related app has been released. But instead of waking, this app is promising to “influence your dreams.” The app is called Dream:ON and is currently available in the iOS App Store with the following description;

“Do you want to create your perfect dream? Perhaps you would like to dream about taking a relaxing stroll through the countryside, being able to fly, or lying on a sun drenched beach? Would you like to wake up feeling refreshed and happy? Then Dream:ON.”

Anyway, the Dream:ON app requires iOS 5.0 or later for use and comes by way of psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire. In terms of how this all works. According to what we have seen — you are expected to place your phone in your bed so it can monitor your sleep patterns. The app can then “sense” when you begin to dream and from that point, the app will begin playing a “SoundScape” that has “been carefully designed to help create your desired dream.”

That all being said, we have yet to test this app so we cannot comment on how well it actually works. But in the end, the app is free so those looking to shape their dreams — why not give it a shot.

Via [Dream:ON] and [Gizmag]

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