Sony SmartWatch now available in the US

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Sony has just announced the availability of the new SmartWatch. Yes, the idea for this idea is to combine some functionality of a smartphone, Android device to be exact and a wristwatch. Hence, the name SmartWatch. To put it simply, the Sony SmartWatch is described as a wearable device that extends the power of Android smartphones by connecting these two devices to allow sending timely and personal information from your Android smartphone to your wristwatch. The SmartWatch sends notifications through vibration and screen alerts whenever key events such as an incoming call comes in to your smartphone. But it does not only let you be informed of those events but the SmartWatch also lets you read text messages, emails and even Facebook and Twitter updates right smack on the SmartWatch. The SmartWatch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets you control key functions of your phone without needing to remove the it from your pocket or bag. In short, the SmartWatch serves as an information center for your Android phone. To make the SmartWatch even more useful, there are several apps in Google Play that are customized for the 1.3-inch OLED touch screen display of the SmartWatch. And if this device catches some fire, more apps can probably be developed in the coming days. Aside from those features, the Sony SmartWatch is also dust proof and splash proof and features a black rubber wristband. There are also other colors of the wristband available for purchase. The Sony SmartWatch is currently available from Sony’s online store as well as in-stores. Additional retailers will be carrying it soon. Price tag is $149.99.

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