Walmart will be able to convert around 4,000 DVDs to digital on Monday

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In a few days time, Walmart stores across the United States will begin a new disc to digital conversion program. Around 4,000 DVDs and Blu-ray discs from studios such as Sony, Warner Bros., Paramount, Viacom and others will be eligible for conversion for either $2 (SD conversion) or $5 (HD conversion).

According to Yahoo News, Walmart has a way to prevent a DVD from being converted multiple times. The retailer will use a special kind of detectable ink that will ensure that customers can’t pass around DVDs or Blu-rays multiple times. The ink will not affect the discs playback performance.

As we reported earlier, any physical disc that is taken in to Walmart for conversion will result in a digital version of that film being available from Walmart’s VUDU service.

Via [Yahoo]

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