Project Glass may work with your existing glasses too

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Those of us with glasses know how annoying it can be to fiddle around with accessories that weren’t designed with our kind in mind. 3D glasses in movie theaters fit awkwardly above our prescription specs, safety goggles look weird when placed above glasses and shade attachments are too lame to be considered an option at this point. Google realizes this as it develops Project Glass, and are working on a way to make it easily accessible to anyone.

The Google+ page of industrial designer and Google employee Isabelle Olsson shows a mock-up image (shown above) of what a Project Glass attachment may look like. It appears as if Project Glass can simply fit over the arm of a pair of glasses and maintain the same look as its original incarnation.

“We ideally want Project Glass to work for everyone, and we’re experimenting with designs that are meant to be extendable to different types of frames,” Olsson wrote.

Google is actively listening to suggestions regarding Project Glass, so feel free to drop the company a line.

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