Placeme is a pretty impressive Android app, but scary too

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Placeme, an Android app which is currently in beta version 6 can be one of the coolest app you’ll encounter so far. This is due to the fact that the app uses every sensor on your smartphone for tracking your activities, location and environment,  and records everything in the background. In short, the app is a complete personal tracking app. The makes intelligent use of GPS and other mobile sensors to automatically remember the places you visit. There are map and list view for places it has collected and allows you to add notes to each visit using your phone’s keyboard or mic. The app also lets you view a history of all your recorded places, search by name or category, quick palce info via Place Details, and share any recorded place with colleagues. In short, the app collects, gathers and compiles personal whereabouts about you. With a collection of personal information such as those, it’s now up to you how you’re going to use these information. What makes the app pretty scary is the fact that the app learns and records everything about you. Although the app’s description says that the personal data it gathers are not shared or broadcasted, there’s still room left for doubts. But if you don’t mind that issue, go ahead and give the app a spin. Who knows? You might be looking at the future of mobile app.

Via [Google Play link]

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