Amazon claiming 17,000 available titles for Prime Instant Video, but just how accurate is that number?

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Amazon touts the Prime Instant Video as having “more than 17,000 movies and television shows.” But realistically speaking, that number may be much lower. The details of this are coming by way of Fast Company who note that Amazon actually counts individual episodes for television shows.

“Amazon reached that number by counting each episode of a TV series as an individual TVshow. For example, Amazon does not count 24 as one TV show; rather, it counts every episode in all eight seasons toward its library of 17,000 movies and television shows. So, according to Amazon’s logic, Kiefer Sutherland stars in 192 TV shows.”

So just with that one example, what many would think of as 1 — is actually 192. And if you think that example was bad — take the Power Rangers which consists of Mighty Morphin, Dino Thunder and Space Patrol Delta — these total roughly 715 videos. Suddenly that more than 17,000 number does not seem quite as impressive. That being said, we are still fans of the Prime Instant Video, especially because the service comes as just one portion of a $79 annual price. Anyway, the details from Fast Company go on to note that Amazon has roughly 1,745 movies available for Prime users and about 150 TV series.

Bottom line, we are fairly certain that Amazon is actually offering more than 17,000 videos, however we think they may be counting a bit different than many may have expected.

Via [Fast Company] and [TNW]

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