Instagram grows at an unprecedented rate, boasts 40 million users

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For the folks behind the scenes of Instagram, the past ten days has been incredible.  It began with Instagram finally launching for Android and ended with an acquisition by Facebook to the tune of $1 billion.  What’s interesting, besides the fact it was bought at such a young stage by a very innovative company, is its recent growth.

In the past ten days, it has gained an additional ten million users bringing the grand total of Instagram users to 40 million.  Now, it is hard to decide what exactly prompted this recent growth.  My guess is the Android fans who followed Instagram from its early stages on iOS enthusiastically downloaded the app as soon as it became available.  Casual Android users who never heard of Instagram before probably gave it a shot following the report that Facebook had purchased it.

All in all, Instagram is definitely benefiting from the 500 million plus Android users and I fully expect Instagram to continue to gain more and more users.  Instagram is able to grow so quickly because it is spreading as an Internet and mobile phenomenon.  Friends see their friends using the service and decide to give it a try.

Via [TechCrunch]

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