Nokia Lumia 900 software update now available [data connectivity issues]

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Coming a few days ahead of the expected release, Nokia has officially offered up the software update for the Lumia 900 smartphone. And just to clarify, this is the update that will take care of those pesky data connectivity issues. All in all, while any data connectivity issues are a problem with a smartphone these days, we do have to give Nokia some credit — not only did they acknowledge the issue, but they also rolled-out an update quickly and on top of that — we cannot forget those $100 bill credits. Anyway, those bits aside, those rocking a Lumia 900 will want to grab this update. In order to get that taken care of, you will need to grab your handset and a USB cable and from here — those with a PC can fire up the Zune software and those on a Mac can fire up the Windows Phone Connecter software. Lstly, here is the statement from Nokia;

Earlier this week, Nokia communicated about a memory management issue with the recently launched Nokia Lumia 900 at AT&T that, in some cases, was leading to a loss of data connectivity.

When this news was issued on Tuesday, Nokia had identified that a software update would be available for consumer download on or around April 16th. Today, we’d like to share with you that the update is now available. Consumers now have the opportunity to update their AT&T version Nokia Lumia 900 software through Zune and Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac earlier than anticipated.

Consumers are still able to swap out their Lumia 900 for an updated Lumia 900 in an AT&T store if they’d prefer.

And, of course, the $100 credit offer will remain in effect through Midnight PST on April 21st.

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Via [The Verge]

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