Republic Wireless reservation system will be opening back up next week

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Republic Wireless announced a while back that they would be opening up the beta program again this summer. And while we were looking forward to that time, it looks like things are going to be getting started soon. According to a new message from the folks at Republic Wireless — the reservation system will be opening back up next week.

“Starting next week, everyone who signed up for one of our email lists will have an opportunity to “claim a spot in line.” What does this mean?  It’s simple, really.  You let us know that you’re interested in joining republic wireless and we’ll then assign you to a “beta wave” designated by a letter of the alphabet. Then, throughout the summer, each wave will receive an invitation to place their order.”

Bottom line here, next week will allow you to put your name on the list in hopes of getting in this summer. Sure, this may not be what everyone had been hoping for but if you want to get access to the Republic Wireless beta — you will likely want to be paying attention next week.

Via [Republic Wireless]

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  • Lynda

    One word of caution on Republic. They do not support MMS (Picture Messaging) I agree that the MMS was the deal breaker for me also. I have 12 grand-kids living mostly in other states where I live. It is impossible to convince them and my employer that it is simple “for them ” to make changes because I wanted to remain with Republic. They must remember to send MMS to everyone else BUT me and then to go back and send me an email. Fat chance of that in this fast paced world. I purchased 3 cell phones at $250.00 and setup the accounts and within 30 to 45 days had all kinds of complaints about not answering text. It took me a couple of weeks to read through all the links to find out what my problem was. For a cell phone company that advertises that “You can do anything with our phones that the Big Boys” can do is false. At the time I purchased all the phones they were advertising that they were working on the problem and would have it working in a few months….. Just bologna to keep everyone hanging on for a few more months. If RW did not want our business, those of us who constantly use MMS, they would have a disclaimer on their home page that says ” DOES NOT SUPPORT MMS AND NEVER INTEND TO FURNISH WHAT WE CONSIDER A DYING PART OF THIS INDUSTRY”. Yep frustrated with spending $1000.00 for my 3 paperweights for my desk.