Asus offers Transformer Prime owners a dongle to improve GPS

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If you bought the Asus Transformer Prime previously, you’re probably a bit frustrated by the fact that some units have GPS that is not working properly. Hence, you can’t use the tablet as a car navigation device. And it seems that Asus couldn’t fix this issue via the usual software update. The solution is to bring out a GPS dongle. So, Asus has been sending out invitations to Transformer Prime owners to let them know of the dongle for free to owners only. The offer is set to expire on July 31. According to the invite sent to Transformer Prime owners, said dongle will help improve GPS signal reception of the Transformer Prime. In addition, using the dongle will not replace, alter or amend any existing warranties that owners have on their Transformer Prime. The deal seems like a good one, but unfortunately you may not like the look of the dongle when attached to your Transformer Prime. But if you don’t mind, this is better than having a crippled Transformer Prime.

Via [Droid-Life], [Land of Droid]

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