Wirefly drops Verizon Galaxy Nexus price to just $49.99 or $149.99 on upgrade

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Perhaps following Sprint’s announcement yesterday on the arrival of the Galaxy Nexus and availability for $199.99, it seems that Wirefly wanted to beat this price. So, Wirefly has just reduced the price of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus to $49.99 for new accounts and $149.99 for those upgrading their current plans. This is not the first time though that Wirefly reduced the price tag of the Galaxy Nexus. If my memory serves me right, the last reduction happened a couple of months ago, putting the price at $189.99. And since the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will now be competing against the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, it seems about time for Wirefly to make the Verizon price a bit more competitive. So there. Will this new development force Sprint to bring down the price of its Galaxy Nexus some more?

Via [Wirefly]

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