MotionX Sleep for iPhone now at version 2.0 with some improvements to include a new alarm clock interface

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The MotionX Sleep app was originally released into the iOS App Store back in early-March. At the time I had played with the app a bit prior to the release and well, since then the use has kept up. Simply put, MotionX Sleep has become one of my most used apps. And that being said, for those who have yet to try the app or those who are already into like myself — the app has been updated. Visiting the iOS App Store you will find version 2.0 and with that comes quite a few changes and improvements dealing with everything from the alarm clock interface to some smart sleep cycle alarm improvements to social sharing. The app remains priced at $0.99 and requires iOS 4.2 or later for use. That all being said, here are the changes that one can expect to see;

1: New Alarm Clock Interface
– The intuitive alarm clock makes setting your Smart Sleep Cycle Alarm quick and easy

2: New Improved iPhone / iPod touch Placement
– Optimize the placement of your iPhone or iPod touch with the new audible placement test

3: New Sleep History Visualization
– View your full sleep history, sleep graphs, and sleep statistics in 1-day, 7-day, or 30-day summaries. Now you can see the detailed view for all your sleep recordings!

4: New Facebook and Twitter integration
– Post your sleep graphs and statistics for your friends and followers to check out

5: Smart Sleep Cycle Alarm Improvements:
– Adjustable wake-up window. Choose any time window up to 60 minutes.
– Optional vibration for the Alarm
– New Alarm sounds

6: And much more!
– Delete accidental sleep recordings directly from the sleep log
– Turn On and Off the 24/7 Daily Step Counter directly from the main menu
– Many optimizations

Via [iOS App Store]

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