NOOK Audio OE250 and IE250 headphones from Barnes & Noble

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Those carrying a NOOK device and looking to accessorize — it looks like Barnes & Noble is in the process of rolling out a few sets of headphones. The models include the NOOK Audio OE250 and the NOOK Audio IE250, in where the OE stands for over-the-ear and the IE stands for in-ear. Both models are currently listed on the Barnes & Noble website however at this point in time — only the IE250 models have been priced and are available for sale. The NOOK Audio IE250 models are selling for $19.95 and those who are considering the OE250 model, you can follow the link below to see the full set of details. And lastly, despite only one of the two sets being available for purchase at this time, both are reflecting the same publication (added to site) date of April 1st.

Via [NOOK Audio OE250 Headphones] and [NOOK Audio IE250 Headphones]

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