Think you register lots of domains, think again, this guy registered almost 15,000 in 24 hours

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There was once a time that I registered 10 domain names in one sitting and I had thought that was quite a bit. Of course, while that may have been lots for me, I knew I was still a small fish in a very large domain name registration pond. But that aside, it looks like one person has taken things to a new level. The details are coming by way of a recent CNET article where they note that a Mike Mann recently registered 14,962 domains during a 24 hour period last week. Yup, nearly 15,000 domains in a days time. Given that you may be wondering what Mann does with these. Well, according to himself, he is “just really greedy” and wants to “own the world.”

Otherwise, Mann is a domain name buyer and seller that purchases names on the aftermarket (ones that are already registered) and ones that are brand new. As for those new ones, he will register them for a small fee and then often sells them for a few hundred bucks each.

In terms of a little back history, it seems Mann got his start on the interwebs back in the late-90’s where he received a $50,000 offer for a domain that he paid $70 for. According to Mann, he went into the domain business the next day. Mann has also been involved with some properties that you may have heard of with goodies including Buy Domains, which is now called NameMedia as well as Domain Market.

Mann is able to find ideas of which names to register by using Google keyboards as well as some in-house tools. As for that recent registration binge, that is said to have cost about $100,000. Of course, that is probably more than ok considering his DomainMarket business is said to be doing about $400,000 per month.

Bottom line here, the next time you want a domain and it is taken but basically sitting unused — Mike Mann just may be involved.

Via [CNET]

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