NimbleTV promises to stream your cable channels to all your devices

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NimbleTV is hoping to do for cable what Aereo is doing for over-the-air broadcasting by allowing customers to stream cable channels to any of their internet-connected devices without needing any additional hardware. NimbleTV will open its beta in seven days, and is now accepting interested applicants.

NimbleTV isn’t providing the cable service. It’s merely repackaging a customer’s existing cable service and steaming it over the internet. In the United States, NimbleTV will stream channels such as HGTV, Speed, MSNBC, MTV, WGN America and others when it launches. There will be a fee associated with this service, but NimbleTV isn’t giving specific details about that yet.

NimbleTV also has a virtual DVR service that lets users store unlimited shows.

It’s a possibility that there may be some legal complications associated with this. We’ll see where this goes.

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