Clear list-keeping app for iPhone gets bumped to version 1.1

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Clear list-keeping and list-making app for iPhone has just been updated to version 1.1. For those who are new to this app, it’s a simple and yet flexible app for creating personal todo list, shopping list, quick notes list, list of movies to watch or books to read, guest list, bucket list for big life goals and practically any other types of list that you can think of.  One thing that you’ll like about this app is its simple and yet effective interface. Now, with the update the app becomes even better with some new features including – shake to undo, character cap and secret themes. Other new features include – new option display at the iOS status bar, improved tap-to-create-item behavior at the bottom of lists, new UI elements, more legibility in low-contrast situations with subtle text emboss, clear tutorial to the tips and tricks menu, and of course the usual round of bug fixes. If you want to stay clear of things and be more productive, you’ll need a good list-making app. Clear is a good opiton if you will give it a try.

Via [iTunes App Store]

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