Dropbox now lets you share files or folders via links

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Dropbox has just rolled out a new way of sharing files and folders to anyone. Whereas before, you need to re-upload files or attach it to an email, now you can share those files and folders residing in your Dropbox account via a simple link. Right after you’ve saved or uploaded the video or photos to your Dropbox account, you can now make a link which you can send to any recipient. Your recipient will then be able to watch the video or look at your photos online. The recipient no longer need to download your files to view them. The link that your recipient will receive opens up a nice-looking gallery pages which can be viewed on a full browser screen even. This means that no matter what files that you are sharing, be it pictures, videos, and presentations, your recipient will be able to view them in full details. Additionally, your recipient can still save a picture or PDF for viewing later by downloading them or saving the files to their own Dropbox account. Take note, this feature is best if your purpose is just to share files and not allow your recipient to edit them. If you want to let your recipient be able to edit your files, it’s still best to share your folders. But if you want a faster way of sharing files, sending links is a much faster way of doing it.

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