Google selling an unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $399 via Google Play

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In a surprising move today, Google has just made the Galaxy Nexus for sale in Google Play. Take note, it’s the unlock GSM version of the Android 4.0 ICS smartphone and it’s selling for only $399. You can find the deal in the new Devices section in the Google Play web store. Said Galaxy Nexus is a GSM version and can be used with carriers to include AT&T and T-Mobile in the US and other GSM carriers in other countries. The device also comes pre-installed with the Google Wallet app loaded with a $10 credit which you can use right away. Previously, the Galaxy Nexus was available only from Verizon and Sprint costing $199.99 but with a two-year contract.  If you’ve been wanting to own one of the best if not the best Android smartphone today, you better grab this chance now. Now, who’s buying?

Via [Google Mobile Blog]

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