Skype is now available for the PlayStation Vita

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The Vita is continuing to show how it can be used to do some of the same things smartphones have done for a long time. Today, a Skype app for the Vita was released in the PlayStation Store. Like all the Skype apps, the Vita version will be free with the option to buy Skype Credits in order to make calls to cell phones and landlines.Skype for the Vita will work over a 3G or Wi-Fi connection. The better your connection is, the better the overall experience will be. Most of the time you’ll be chatting with the Vita’s front camera, but you’ll also have the option to show what’s going on around you by switching to the rear camera.

Another neat feature is Skype’s ability to discreetly notify you when you’re getting a call. When you accept it, anything you’re doing will be paused in the background, and resumed once the call ends.

Via [Skype]

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