Amazon “Most Highlighted Passages of All Time” being dominated by The Hunger Games series

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Amazon has long been offering up details on which are the most highlighted passages in Kindle books. And while this traditionally offers a look at a wide variety of books — this list is currently being dominated by The Hunger Games trilogy. This includes The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mocking Jay. At the present time, this includes 20 of the top 25 spots on the most highlighted list. As for the top spot, that includes a passage that has been highlighted by 17,784 Kindle users. The passage is from Catching Fire and reads as;

“Because sometimes things happen to people and they’re not equipped to deal with them.”

With that, while nothing revolutionary, it is sort of interesting to see these same books being read and the same passages being highlighter over and over. And as for the second most highlighted, that comes from The Hunger Games and was highlighted by 9,031 Kindle users.

“The rules of the Hunger Games are simple. In punishment for the uprising, each of the twelve districts must provide one girl and one boy, called tributes, to participate. The twenty-four tributes will be imprisoned in a vast outdoor arena that could hold anything from a burning desert to a frozen wasteland. Over a period of several weeks, the competitors must fight to the death. The last tribute standing wins.”

With that, follow the Amazon link below and check out a few more. Some will probably make you wonder why. For example, why would 8,500 Kindle users highlight this —

“I just want to spend every possible minute of the rest of my life with you,” Peeta replies.

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