You can also share your Google Drive photos with your Google+ Circles

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We saw Google Drive announced yesterday and well it looks like the integration with other Google services is following. One of the more recent bits include the ability to share images stored in your Google Drive with people in your Google+ Circles. These details are coming by way of Denise Ho who states rather simply that they are “also rolling out a way to share your Google Drive photos with your circles.” That being said, the process seems simple enough — create a new post on Google+ and then click the camera icon choosing “From Google Drive” and then pick the photos you want to share. From this point, you just choose the circles that you want to share with. Of course, there does seem to be a bit of overlap here. After all, with the Google+ mobile apps we already have instant upload to Picasa. Seems images should be over on Picasa as opposed to in your Google Drive. Regardless though, any images that do happen to be in your Google Drive — rest assured in knowing that they will be easy to share with your circles.

Via [Denise Ho on Google+]

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