Flickr revamps uploader with HTML5, ups maximum file size to 50 mb

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Flickr, the online photo management and sharing site owned by the aging Yahoo, has revamped their uploading interface. Uploading photos is now done via an HTML5 interface, allowing for drag-and-drop operations, faster uploads and allowing users to upload picture files up to 50 mb in size for paid users and 30 mb for free ones. The interface will show thumbnails when available, allow users to reorder the images and keep metadata. Flickr claims that this interface upload pictures 20-30% for US users and up to 50-60% faster for international users. This new interface will be rolling out during the next few weeks, so don’t panic if you are still seeing the old interface. Pretty soon, it will be the default interface for all users…all users that use HTML5-capable browsers, that is.

Via [Flickr Blog]

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