Phones 4u confirms Lumia 900 UK release details

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Phones4u has just released an official statement saying that the Nokia Lumia 900’s release in the UK market won’t happen until May 14. The release of said phone should have happened earlier but due to big demand for the phone in the US, the UK release had to be postponed. However, once the Lumia 900 lands in the UK, Phones4u will still be the first retailer to sell it and will even have the exclusive on the white model. To compensate for the delay and appease those who have pre-ordered the phone on or before April 16, Phones4u has a peace offering by way of bundling a pair of Nokia Purity headphones to the Lumia 900. Sounds like a fair deal in exchange for longer waiting period for you, right? For those who are planning to get the phone, let us remind you that the Lumia 900 features a 4.3-inch AMOLED ClearBlack display, camera with Carl Zeiss Optics with large aperture for improved performance in low-light conditions as well as wide angle focal length for capturing full 16:9 images. The phone also happens to be the first Lumia phone to come with a front facing 1MP HD camera with large aperture and wide-angle lens to produce sharp, bright images and video calling.

Via [TechnoBuffalo]

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